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Haiku Salut are welcome to keep making soundtracks for my life. (^_^) 

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Be(a)cause of you, (a drawing for Hydrochloric zine) - Moonassi
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시간의 직면, Face the whole (Martini)Daehyun Kim

섹스어필, “Wearing me.”

Second image from Parts That Are Missing/Parts That Are Gained, 13” x 17” silkscreened image

Photo by Mathias Sterner


The new Murakami book “色彩を持たない多崎つくると、彼の巡礼の年” looks so gorgeous. Here is the German print with and without jacket. Credits go to German site "Japanische Literatur."

Can’t wait!

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네가 좋았던 순간, The moment that I loved you


Grimes - Venus In Fleurs

Hey — this is a video my friend Video Marsh made for this really old Grimes song from my first record.  We were supposed to release it ages ago and somehow it didn’t happen probably because it didn’t comply with the press cycle at the time and since I’ve stopped caring about complying with press cycles im sharing this now.  

This is the only post-genesis official grimes video that i didn’t work on myself that will ever be released :).   it’s a different vibe entirely as you can see.  i think it’s very very beautiful and haunting and peaceful and scary

all footage is from the reifel bird sanctuary in British columbia

enjoy :) 

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